Best Time of Year to Visit Puerto Rico

June 4, 2019

You may be wondering: “When is the best time of year to travel to Puerto Rico?” The answer: as soon as your bags are packed. The island of Puerto Rico is a traveler's dream destination, no matter the time of year. So, it's the best time now. Or a month from now. Or, whenever you're ready for a truly memorable adventure. While we firmly believe there is no bad time to visit Puerto Rico, there are definitely some differences when you travel during different seasons. Each one has its own allure.

baby turtle being held in hand on the beach

Come in the Spring (April to June)

Winter crowds have headed back north and the weather here is sunny and warm. (Although, it can get really hot come June, so be prepared for temperatures to rise the closer you get to summer!) You'll want to make sure you bring your sun hat because this is the season in which we see the sunniest days.Visiting in Spring has some really exclusive opportunities too. For instance, if you want to watch and/or assist with the nesting sea turtle programs, the only time you can do this is between April and June.There are plenty of Springtime festivals to attend, as well as flower markets and live musical entertainment. Small towns are bustling with activity and the cities are prime with nightlife. The island is alive with celebrations. Spring 2019 also boasted the 7th annual Chocolate Festival, taking place in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Each May, visitors can delight in sampling chocolate and enjoying a day's worth of entertainment.Come for the weather, come for the chocolate, come because you have Spring Fever. Either way, visiting Puerto Rico during the springtime is divine.

Beautiful Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian Puerto Rico at daylight

Soak Up the Summer Sun (July to September)

Summer is the least expensive time to travel to the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico. As the temperatures rocket to the high 80’s and 90’s, the prices on flights dip the lowest of the year. This is great news for your budget, as flights are much easier to afford. The island is less crowded this time of year too, so more seats at the pool are available, dining reservations can be made at prime times and the beaches are clear and pristine.Visiting a mountain waterfall or experiencing a cool cave exploration can be the perfect relief from the heat of the beach in the midsummer months too. Our forests and mountains have plenty to offer the avid sightseer.Packing a light raincoat for a drizzly day is a good idea too. If the weather turns a little wet, there are plenty of great shopping areas for you to explore during a rainy day. Don’t worry though, rain showers are typically pretty brief here on the island, so you'll rarely spend a whole day under cloud cover.

coffee tasting in Puerto Rico

Source: Discover Puerto Rico

Fall Fun on the Island (October to December)

Autumn is especially nice in Puerto Rico. When the weather starts turning cooler locals no longer linger on the beaches, making it the prime place for tourists to go.It's also a great time to explore some of the areas off the beaten path. You could consider booking a chartered boat tour to explore some beaches you might otherwise not get a chance to see - we bet you find a place where you can even have the beach entirely to yourself.There's plenty to do off the beaches too. You can taste local coffee, take a fun salsa lesson, enjoy the freshest seafood, and explore the history of the island.

Aerial view of a crowded beach, umbrellas and people on the sand

Winter Island Getaway (Late December to March)

Winter is considered “Peak Season” here on the island with its gorgeous sunny days and perfect temperatures hovering in the 80's. The beaches are full with guests as many arrive to escape the winter blues. Don't be put off by the idea of crowds, this popular travel season is popular for a reason: because it's perfect.The cooler months are the perfect time to take a hiking excursion to explore some of the beautiful areas of El Yunque National Forest.Don't be ashamed if you want to spend your days lounging by the crystal blue waters of the beach though. This time of year, the water is still warm enough for swimming and nothing is more relaxing than the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore and the sand beneath your toes.There are plenty of celebrations and festivals this time of year as well, especially around the holidays. You'll find things are especially festive and fun in January for Three Kings day, which is celebrated island-wide. Larger cities will have parades, live music, outdoor festivals, and other entertainment, but you can expect to see celebrations and music in even the smallest towns. This time of year is a really nice time to truly enjoy island life.

Man and women holding hands and running in to the sea water. Group of friends enjoying a day at the beach.

Visit Anytime, Really.

Puerto Rico is an amazing travel destination, any time of year. There are so many things to see and do that you won't be able to see in all in one trip anyway. So, you might as well plan another vacation for next season too!Pack your bags, book your flight, and contact our hotel staff today. Our expert team is ready and willing to help you organize your dream Puerto Rican adventure during whichever season brings your our way.We can't wait to see you! Don't forget your sunscreen!