Condado Ocean Club has three unique food & beverage concepts for foodies at heart.  Mix and mingle with the beautiful people of San Juan in our three bustling dining venues, where the energetic music will entice your inner-rhythms. Overlooking the ocean, the eateries are eye-catching and alluring.  


Condado’s newest eatery SOCIAL is where guests come to meet and connect over fresh, authentic food and drink. Our space and menu are inspired by people’s desire to connect - to be SOCIAL.



SANDBOX is the perfect city dwellers’ beach bar, a lounge-style oceanfront escape in the middle of the city. A delight for the senses; Enjoy the sound of the waves, the uninterrupted ocean views and unforgettable pink-to-orange sunsets, the taste of the perfect creative cocktail paired with crave-worthy bites, and the feeling of your feet in the sand.



Take in the tropical landscape, breathe the fresh pleasurable air and experience something truly delish at the pool deck or at our semi-private beach sanctuary.