Fusing Art & Puerto Rican Culture: Local Artists at Condado Ocean Club

April 21, 2018

One of our missions here at Condado Ocean Club is to create an atmosphere that is representative of the eccentric and unique culture of Puerto Rico, within our hotel. Our hotel has been designed to emulate precisely what makes this Caribbean hotspot pull at the heartstrings of so many visitors, year after year, by incorporating the island’s art and culture into every detail of the building. From stunning ocean blue hues in our decor representative of the Atlantic Ocean or sandy beige tones that draw beach bungalow vibes, to now even an array of artwork from four impressive native Puerto Rican artists; Sofía Maldonado, Natalia Nicole Rodríguez, Gerardo Cloquel and Eduardo Cabrer. These inspiring works of art have been recently completed
 within the hotel and represent the atmosphere that our visitors know and love.

Natalia Nicole Rodríguez

Walking into the atrium lobby, you are greeted by these larger-than-life poppies, lilies, and daisies which invoke a level of relaxed sophistication that is noticeably Condado Ocean Club. The first of these 4 works is an untitled mural by the artist and graphic designer, Natalia Nicole Rodríguez (widely known as 2BLEENE). In just four days, she was able to create this remarkable mural using colors that complement the tropical environment of Puerto Rico, and supply a level of energy that will follow you throughout your visit with us.

Sofía Maldonado

Sofía Maldonado is a graduate from the Art League of Puerto Rico. A talented abstract and muralist painter, Sofía’s mural is located at the central stairwell of our lobby and has become a very iconic piece throughout Condado Ocean Club. Titled “The Sky,” this mural is an abstract post-Hurricane Maria proposal that exhibits the artist's keen interest in color; particularly the sunsets of Puerto Rico and the nostalgia of how the island felt before Hurricane Maria. She uses her love for color to provoke passion and emotion in this powerful painting.

Eduardo Cabrer

Eduardo Cabrer is a graduate of George Washington University with a masters in fine art. His painting “Pineapple Blues” is located next to our PiñaCo bar. This stunning painting is made using aluminum, acrylics, and textile dyes on wood with plaster. He describes his art as being “an invitation to contemplate the nuances of melancholy considering that on the other side of it is an illusion of joy.” This piece has become a favorite from many of our visitors, as pineapples are a symbol of hospitality.

Gerardo Cloquel

The last of the murals can be found within our signature restaurant, aMare, and was created by Illustrator and muralist, Gerardo Cloquel. Titled "Entre Olas," Cloquel uses the waves and the sea as his inspiration behind each brush stroke. His mural uses a combination of plastic arts and graphic arts, to create a very moving, energetic painting that is located in one of the busiest areas of the hotel. Each of these Puerto Rico-native artists are extremely talented and represent our bohemian and youthful personality, and their art reflects nature and the tropical environment of the island. Experience these amazing works of art for yourself when you stay at Condado Ocean Club!