Honeymoon at Condado Ocean Club

May 2, 2019

Romance is an adventure at Condado Ocean Club! From secluded, white sand beaches to tropical jungle hideaways, you'll fall in love with the amazing journey. The heart of San Juan is alive with culture, passion, intrigue and memories. Embark on the happily ever after of a lifetime and discover why Puerto Rico is the perfect honeymoon destination.    

What To Know Before You Go

Every explorer duo knows it's best to go prepared! Luckily, Puerto Rico is a very welcoming destination for couples. It's important to keep in mind that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. This means if you are a U.S. citizen, there's no need to pack a passport. English is widely spoken (though taking a crash course in Spanish with your S.O. is a fun way to get in the mood!) and the U.S. dollar is the country's currency. Map out your visit starting with the time of year. There's no wrong time to visit the beautiful island hideaway, but March through August is ideal. Secure your vehicle of choice for a high-energy adventure! Uber and private transportation are readily available through our hotel concierge. Last but not least, create a bucket list of your must-do-activities, but leave room for a little spontaneity. We'll get you started with these fantastic reasons why Puerto Rico is the best getaway for honeymoon couples!

Roam and Play

Source: Discover Puerto Rico

Soar on a Zipline

You may have spotted Jimmy Fallon flying over the Puerto Rican rainforest on the world's second largest zipline course. Now you and your forever-travel-buddy can challenge The Monster, as well as an array of ziplining courses near San Juan.Visit the El Yunque tropical rainforest for a chance to hop from tree to tree. This course will delight first-time zipliners and pro's alike. You may even be lucky enough to enjoy a close encounter with some of the native wildlife!Toro Negro is another great option for ziplining. The highest rainforest in Puerto Rico, Toro Negro's course offers breathtaking island views.Last but not least, The Monster is the Everest of zip lines, reaching 1.5 miles with flight speeds up to 152.8 km/h. Plan a day trip to beautiful Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park and prepare to conquer your high flying dreams.

Hike the Rainforests

Puerto Rico is home to North America's only tropical rainforest. El Yunque National Rainforest offers 28,000 acres of emerald trees, pristine waterfalls and hidden pools for the intrepid couple to explore.

Explore a Cave

Hike through the mystical caves of Cueva Ventana (aptly named "The Window") to a heart-stopping, romantic view of the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley (pro tip: try an evening hike with Aventura Cueva Ventana ecotourism company!). Stay cool with a raft trip down the Tanama River of Utuado, which follows a series of interconnected caverns. Check out the stalagmite formations of Puerto Rico's Cueva del Viento ("The Wind Cavern") -- but beware of bats as you trek through the uncharted regions of this ancient formation. Climb, hike, spelunk, rappel, and raft -- however you explore, Puerto Rico's caves are a must!

Ride the Waves

There's no lack of water excursions to be had in San Juan. Paddleboarding, fishing, snorkeling, and even surfing are great couples' activities for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Travel Through History

Puerto Rico is rich in history and culture. From local art to ancient hieroglyphs, there's something for everyone. Our favorite couples' retreat is the colorful district of Old San Juan.

This 465-year-old district was initially designed as a military stronghold before giving way to the charming residential district we know and love. Blue cobblestone streets lead the way to shops, restaurants, art museums, and more!

Treat Yourself

Celebrate your happily ever after by treating yourself and your spouse to delicious local fare. If you're a self-proclaimed Foodie, San Juan is the destination for you. Here are a few of the best places to eat in Puerto Rico that have made it onto our short list:

El Jibarito

Farmers market meets island cookout. This traditional, family-run eatery has been in business since the 1970's. Classic Puerto Rican dishes like Mofongo (mashed plantain) with Camarones al Ajillo (shrimps in garlic sauce) are a must try. Located in the heart of Old San Juan district, blue cobblestone architecture and historic buildings set the scene for the perfect lunch date.

Senor Paleta

Paleta is sweet and so are you! Satisfy your sugar craving with fresh, locally crafted artisan fruit pops. A variety of toppings and flavors abound, including exotic tastes like tamarind, strawberry-mojito, dulce de leche, and chocolate dipped coconut.

Delicious Artisan Fruit Pops

Room Service - Upgraded

Condado Ocean Club has got your foodie fix covered with three, bustling dining venues for a night out or an afternoon by the pool. Live music sets the tone for a magical evening. Enjoy signature Piña Coladas at PiñaCo or reserve a seat for poolside dining.

Refresh, Renew, Relax

Puerto Rico's beaches are unsurpassed. When it comes to choosing the best places to lay back in the sand, these destinations should be at the top of your honeymoon bucket list.

Mosquito Bay

Light up the night at Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay in Vieques. This otherworldly beach is illuminated by millions of dinoflagellates, inspiring wonder and romance. Embark from Casa Del Frances bar for a fantasy outing.

Beaches of San Juan

From the trendy and chic Condado beach to the secluded gem of Playa Pena, San Juan boasts many options for a day at the beach. Explore all the island has to offer and spend the weekend beach hopping with your S.O.

Relax in our "Backyard"

Condado Ocean Club's Just The Two Of Us package will make your stay perfection. You'll receive a complimentary bottle of bubbles at check in, and enjoy a curated oceanside picnic basket.

Our friendly, knowledgeable concierge can help you begin a lifetime of adventures. Contact us today for more information on booking an exciting, romantic getaway.