Live Like a Local on Your Puerto Rico Vacation

February 6, 2018

Vacations are a time to relax, but they’re also a time to get to experience a way of life different than your own. Traveling to Puerto Rico can offer a great glimpse into their way of life. While there are certainly must-see spots when you visit a new place, there’s a benefit of trying to spend your time living like a local, appreciating a culture different from your own — including the local music, new delicious food, and interesting things to see. So what are some of our recommendations for living like a local in San Juan?

Let’s Travel/InstagramCueva VentanaTravel about an hour away from San Juan for some adventure that comes complete with a breathtaking view. Cueva Ventana, located in Arecibo, sits upon a limestone cliff. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the views and culture of the area. For those hoping to learn more, informative tour guides will lead you through Cueva Ventana for an educational experience, where you will discover a breathtaking view of Rio Grande de Arecibo while learning about the local Taino culture.The Poet’s PassageDid you know that The Poet’s Passage has a poetry reading night every Tuesday? Come to listen to locals and visitors read their inspiring poetry. Not visiting on a Tuesday? You can still enjoy the quaint charm of the book room and coffee house, complete with a gift shop – a change of pace from the otherwise lively and bustling San Juan.

See Puerto RicoDance the Night AwayDuring the week, you’re probably getting ready for bed around 10 pm. Not in San Juan though! When the sun goes down, the city comes alive. Head out at night to really experience local culture. Between amazing food, tasty drinks, and live music, you’re guaranteed a night to remember. Get ready to try out your latin-style moves as live music plays, providing the soundtrack for your lively night in San Juan.