Reaffirming Community After Crisis In Puerto Rico

November 16, 2017

When people think of Puerto Rico, a lot of of times a fun island destination comes to mind. And who can blame anyone? It is an island of rich culture, amazing food, and a ton of great adventures waiting to happen!However, Puerto Rico is so much more than that. Puerto Rico is more than tourists visiting bioluminescent bays or sipping on delicious drinks. Puerto Rico is an island of people who have come together to create a tight-knit community whose resilience has only been reaffirmed in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

(Image by Lucas Jackson via REUTERS)While some may expect tragedy – such as the recent hurricane – to leave a community completely devastated, Puerto Rico’s people have shown amazing resilience in this time of hardship. While almost half of the island has been left without clean water and with a lack of access to basic needs, the island still holds onto the thing that has driven humanity for centuries: hope.The citizens of Puerto Rico move forward, already rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Despite struggles and setbacks, the locals have come together to redefine some sense of normalcy, reopening many attractions and ready to host travelers seeking escape in beautiful San Juan. And only solidifying the resilience of those who call the island home, locals have become experts at making things from limited resources. This means rebuilding shops, reopening restaurants, and, when necessary, redefining life post-hurricane.

And, as November comes full swing and everyone starts looking towards the holidays, so does Puerto Rico. Despite the limited resources, Puerto Rico is looking forward to the holiday season with the rest of us. Richard D’Ambrosio of Travel Market Report says that, despite damage from the hurricane, locals are already looking ahead and anticipate welcoming new tourists to Puerto Rico by Christmas.You can visit Puerto Rico for the food, the fun, or the warm weather. But, now, when you’re planning your visit to Puerto Rico, consider that you’re visiting an island built on resilience, a strong sense of community, and a place where hope resides.